Local Culture

People from Planargia have managed to protect their community traditions related to various forms of folk arts and crafts, such as the ancient art of making precious filet embroidery, or the one connected to the production of beautiful artifacts and jewelry in gold filigree and coral, or even to the skilful blending of vegetable fiber that in this area does always means handmaking of baskets and and nasse, that is to say the unique and curious spiny lobster nets.

To make sure, as you stroll through the narrow streets of the historic center of Bosa, stop to admire the skills of the nice ladies that, while sat on the doorstep and chatting with their neighbors, with incredible precision embroider filet of great value, giving life to a woven world of doves, vines and bunches of grapes, deer and lions, religious and arms symbols, as well as evoking the memory of the fields, sea and shops populated by farmers and fishermen. Or take your time to watch the local goldsmiths intent to express their passion, their creativity and their ability to create real masterpieces thanks to the knowledge of the ancient and laborious processing of gold and silver wire grain. And what about the enchantment, respect and sense of wonder when looking at one of the many ladies weaving plant fibers of asphodel and creating baskets for all uses, or an elderly fisherman with silent wisdom and precision preparing small or large pots to catch the delicious local spiny lobster.

Among the popular traditional events, without a doubt you can not claim to know the Planargia if at least once you have not taken an active part in the magical ritual of the ‘Osinku Carnival? Only then after you’ll be able to tell what happens in Bosa on the morning of Fat Tuesday, what it means to wear in black and being in a crowd of people committed to complain and to express their sorrow for the death of the carnival, in a sort of cathartic collective madness Dionysian performance. After all, how else can we explain what it means to meet in the evening of the same day dressed in full white to look for the same carnival-made puppet, named Gioltzi, which will be eventually sacrificed.

To end with, how to convey that feeling of sober piety and contagious euphoria that reigns in the streets and in the cellars of the old district of Sa Costa during the celebrations and festivities in honor of Our Lady of Regnos Altos, in the second weekend of September? Or the one that pervades the inhabitants of the lands of Planargia during the days of the celebrations in honor of their loved patron saints? We’d like to invite you to experience all of this with the company of people who almost innately know how to create an unusual atmosphere, full of fun and witty irony, as well as pervaded by the characteristic allegory and the constant aroma of Malvasia di Bosa wine.

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